Getting Quality Care From a Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Tampa

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Feb 162016

Finding a quality surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty is essential.  It can take some time and due diligence to know what to look for and be confident in your decision.  There are a few factors to cover, and to help you make the best decision.  I’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your doctor to know whether this is the correct professional to perform your Tampa rhinoplasty.

What is a rhinoplasty?

This is a type of facial reconstructive surgery that is done on the nose.  Many people get this surgery for cosmetic reasons.  But sometimes if you have a deviated septum you are given this as an option depending on how severe your deviation.  In recent years nose reshaping surgeries have seen a reduction by 2% from 2013 to 2014.  Although this is a small percentage trends seem to continue with this idea it has been reducing in occurrence over a five year period.

What questions should you ask a doctor?

What are your qualifications?

You’ll want to know your surgeon’s qualifications.  Whether they’ve performed these surgeries in the past or not you will want to know what makes them qualified to be your surgeon.  Things like amount of procedures performed.  The school that they received their M.D. from.  Lastly make sure they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  These are all valid questions to ask any doctor.

How often have you performed this surgery?

You will want a surgeon who has done this exact surgery hundreds of times, over many years.

What are the potential setbacks from this surgery?

You will want to know what risks you are taking on by having this surgery.  It is important to know your doctor is not promising you a risk-free surgery.

Where will you conduct the surgery?

It is good to know what to expect the day of the surgery.  You will usually get the info the day of the surgery.

Do you have hospital privileges?

You want to know this because in the state of an emergency.  You will want your doctor to continue to treat you even if you are in the hospital.  You will not want to be pushed onto another hospital.

The presurgery walk through

This is an important step in trusting your surgeon.  After you have agreed to the surgery your surgeon will take you on a walk through.  From what you should eat the day before.  To the morning of and what you can expect.  It is important to have all your questions answered so you are not left guessing anything.  The last thing you want is to be stressed going into your surgery.  After your doctor has instructed you on what it is that you will need to do.  You will want to discuss a post surgery treatment.


Post surgery treatment

After you have gone through your rhinoplasty procedure it is important to know how the healing process will go.  If you do not properly prepare yourself your healing could take even longer than you had anticipated.  So what does it mean to be prepared.

If you work you will want to take at least three weeks off from work but more like a month to really see the swelling go down.  After the swelling subsides after 30 to 90 days you will see the shape that your nose will be taking from that point forward.

Remember it can take up to a full year to recover to pre surgery feel of your nose.  Knowing this going into the operation is important so that you do not have expectations that are abnormal.

When to decide whether this is right for you or not

Many people have been wanting to change their noses for many years.  Once they have enough money to pay for the operation they are more than willing to do it.  The reason not to get a nose job is because you may have some expectations that will never be met.  Such as getting a new job, or marrying someone just because you got a nose job.  The main thing to take into account is the fact that you will want to make sure you are doing this for you.  And not doing this for yourself, and not doing this because you think you can become a better person.