28 Juillet 2021 à 20h03 - 1105

Add a spa to your pool

For maximum relaxation, there is nothing better than having a spa at home, especially as a spa in beauty salons or in large hotels and fitness centers are becoming more and more expensive. And you don't have to worry about installing it in your home. There are now models suitable for individuals like you.

The benefits of a spa

The spa is the art of well-being, starting with getting back into shape through therapy with water or balneotherapy. The water it contains is heated to 37 or 40 ° C and it is the injection of air or water from the corners of your spa basin that generates massages. As in the days of the Romans, the spa is used today in the same spirit of well-being and conviviality. In addition to relaxation, the spa is very popular because it helps promote blood circulation, relieve migraines and promote the evacuation of toxins. This practice is very beneficial for preserving our immune defenses and the youthfulness of our skin.

A home spa is even better

Thanks to technology, you no longer need to seek relaxation elsewhere than at home. You can enjoy the benefits of a spa without having to travel. And with the right accessories, you have the possibility of prolonging the moments of relaxation. Of course, adding a spa to a swimming pool is not easy because you have to control the temperature difference. It is best to integrate the spa into the construction of the pool to allow for better fusion, but it is never too late to add a spa tubs to an already existing basin. All you need to do is buy a spa spare part. Opt for a watertight partition between the pool and the spa to control the temperature variation. The easiest way is to build a built-in spa, but for a more luxurious effect, we recommend the infinity spa in the pool. What a dream, isn't it?


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